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Is Surka right for your event?  Surka offers professional entertainment, decorated with top of the line details including costumes and props, as well as easily accessible acts perfectly fit for any occasion or audience.  Whether your needs are concerts, festivals, night clubs, private parties, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, or holiday parties, Surka is sure to dazzle and delight the entire crowd!


Choose your style(s) of mesmerizing performance!


Daylight Cirque Style Hoops:  1,2,3,4,5,6,7 shiny daytime hoops, spun to satiate you senseless!

Glow Hoops: -Light up the night with spinning geometric patterns!

Fire:  1, 2, 3 Fire Hoops, Fire Partner Acrobatics, Fire Fans, Fire Eating...   Now that's Hot!

Stilt-walking:  3 Feet taller than usual, I can hula hoop for you while enjoying the best view!  

Burlesque:  Hooplesque, Operatic Arias, Clowning   -Amazing acts from sizzling to hilarious!

Ambiant:  Go-Go Dance, Go-Go Hoop, Living Statue, Silk Fans, Poi flags, Wings, Veil -Visually stimulate your guests throughout your event!

Music:  Classical Art Songs and Operatic Arias, Singer/Songwriter, Washboard, Piano, Guitar -From opera to blues, choose the way you'd like to hear this songbird win your heart!


Please consider the questions below and email with your answers.  




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Theme of Event (if any)

Costume Desires (if any)

Type of Performance Art desired from above list*

Performance time frame* One BIG performance, 5-10 minute short BIG BANG performances, Ambiance/Roving Performances


Time of Event*

Location of Event*

Expected number of attendees*

Dressing Room, Performance Area Dimensions and Surface, Inside or Outside Performance Location*

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