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"I am so proud of my dear Surka! Your integrity and willingness

has assisted you in the journey towards true wisdom. It has been

an honor to have you under my wing & I look forward to the ripple


~Wren Doggett, director of The Lotus Seed Non-Profit

Movement Studio, friend and mentor throughout Surka's

yoga teacher training.  


"...Surka is the embodiment of grace and compassion. Her teaching

style is cohesive and fun. She empowers the student to move forward

in their practice and see progress, building confidence. She's basically

a heaping spoonful of yummy sauce."  

~Lucah Sage, Helix Rising LLC: friend, hoopdance and yoga 

student of Surka's Circus, co-yoga graduate from The Lotus



"Best hoop teacher I ever did have!" 

~Krishna Dasa, student for workshops taught by Surka at the 

Wakarusa Music Festival.


"I have seen you perform many events and spoken to you several times! Your performance is most captivating because of your awesome energy and smiles. You truly show your power through your performances! As well as speaking to you, your one of the sweetest people in the performance world that I have crossed paths with and you are inspiration to its fullest. As well as encouraging. You once showed me a trick and a second way to tackle it because for some reason i just couldn't get it down. You seemed so interested in actually helping me figure it out. Its really awesome to see that sort of passion in it. You're an amazing woman and artist and hope to continue to see the action shine through you!"

~Cassandra Martineau: performance artist, hoopdance student of Surka's Circus.


"...I’m inspired by so many other hoopers who have also taken this journey[.  S]ome of my favorite hoopers are Shakti Sunfire, Brecken, Luna Breeze, Ziggy, Surka Noelle, Shredder, Baxter and Steve Bags. All of those people rock and have made a name for themselves, hopefully I will one day be one of those people that really inspires others like they inspire me."

~Hooplovers Deanne Love interview with former student, Robyn DeLacy aka Pixxy Haze, Lee's Summit, Missouri.


Do you have a testimonial about Surka?  Please email; we'd love to hear about your experience!



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